I love great movies and television shows. I hate bad movies and television shows. This is not a matter of taste–I appreciate different interests and recognize that my particular interests do not make a film good or bad. But let’s face facts: so many movies and television shows are cookie-cutter because we, the audience, do not demand excellence. Studios know that they can simply push out the same plot, visual effects, camera shots, and music and we, the audience, will still pay outrageous prices to see the movie or buy merchandise.

This annoys me. Is it too much to ask for a thoughtful plot line, intriguing character development, and beautiful film-making? If desiring these things makes me a film snob, I accept the label.

If you are reading this blog, you are either one of two people. Either you also want films to be well-made and original (and perhaps you are also a “movie snob”), or you want to be annoyed at my nitpicky and perpetually dissatisfied attitude about film.

Either way, I welcome you! Unless you are a troll. Trolls should be under bridges.